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5 Tips for a Great Hair Consultation

Beautiful hair is the direct result of a great consultation with your stylist. In order to get the results you're looking for be sure to follow these 5 tips the next time you have an appointment with your favorite hairstylist...

O N E: A R R I V E O N T I M E

This may seem like a silly point to make however you would not believe the amount of people who show up 15 mins late or more and still expect a great outcome. I'm not saying arrive 30 mins early I am saying arrive to your salon parking lot 5-10 mins before your appointment so you can walk in right on time. Generally, all hair appointments include a 5-10 min consultation prior to the service beginning. If your late you will either miss out on the opportunity to express any changes you want to make or miss out on styling time altogether. Not ideal if you ask me! If you're having a difficult time deciding what you want it's recommended to schedule a longer consultation prior to your scheduled service.

T W O: B E P R E P A R E D

Yes, stylists are great at making suggestions as to what would look great on you but when you have no opinion at all it makes our job feel like a shot in the dark. If you want to maintain the look you currently have come in with your hair styled like you normally wear it or at least with a current picture of your day to day look. Some stylist hate pinterest but I believe it's a great resource for pulling up color examples and styles you gravitate towards. When showing your stylist a picture be very specific as to what you like. Is it the overall color? The way the hair is styled? The length? Maybe you actually don't even like the hair you just wish you had the persons face! Believe me this is a thing! haha

T H R E E: H A V E R E A L I S T I C E X P E C T A T I O N S

So your hair is black as the night sky and you want Kim K platinum blonde. You also only have $200 to spend and have to be out of the salon to meet your new boyfriend for dinner in two hours. SORRY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. EVER. The best way to leave your appointment dissatisfied is by thinking your stylist can change your look as quickly as changing your underwear in the morning. Now I'm not saying you can't go platinum at all, what I am saying is expect your stylist to book you for multiple sessions because your about to go on a journey.

F O U R: D O N ' T B E O F F E N D E D I F W E S A Y N O

There are three reasons why your stylist may decline your request for a certain cut, color, or look. First reason is they know what your asking is too aggressive and will ruin the integrity of your hair. Two, we know you and know you'll regret your decision for those bangs you just asked us for. Last, we know the service your requesting would be handled better with another stylist. So don't take it personally if you hear no because no means we care about you and your hair.

F I V E: I T ' S Y O U R H A I R ! !

When we are consulting, we are consulting about you and what you want. Your hair belongs to you not your boyfriend, not your daughter, not your mother, you get the idea! Do not let others dictate the accessory you wear everyday. Your hair should be something you love and feel confident about. So screw any guy who says you shouldn't have shorter hair or your kid who is overly critical of your personal style! This is your time to pamper yourself and feel good about the way you look. Talking with friends and family about different ideas is perfectly fine just don't let anyone bully you into doing something that's not you.

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