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What are beaded row extensions?

Many kinds of extensions are available, meaning they fortunately are not a one-size-fits-all choice. However, some options can be safer and more versatile. I specialize in beaded row extensions. They’re known by several names, including hand-tied extensions, but “beaded rows” refers to how the track (what the extension hair is sewn onto) is created while “hand-tied” refers to the extension hair itself. Beaded row extensions simply mean we create a track using silicone lined beads going around your head connecting to small sections of hair. Hand-tied wefts of hair are then sewn onto that track, leaving you with seamless extensions. There are minimal points of contact, so when installed correctly, they lay completely flat and are undetectable.


The at-home maintenance of extensions is pretty simple. You have to keep the wefts tangle free, so brushing them several times a day is ideal. My favorite tool for this is a Wet brush. I recommend washing, blow drying and styling your hair once or twice a week. The extension hair does need to be blow dried to prevent matting. You should sleep in either a loose bun or loose braid to avoid any friction on the hair. Using the right products is key. My recommended system for the extensions is the B3 shampoo, conditioner and spray. It’s designed specifically to prolong the life of your extension hair by cleansing and removing build up, while also supplying the hair with enough moisture to keep the strands looking and feeling great! For styling, I recommend the Perk Up dry shampoo and Silken Up dry conditioner from Amika. All of these products are available at our salon.

What to expect from an extension appointment

Extensions can be considered a luxury service, so be open minded to the time it may take to install them. The length and timing of the appointment can depend on the stylist, the method being used and the amount of hair needed for you as a client. The initial installs can be more tedious and therefore take longer. But a typical move-up takes around two hours without any color service. The extensions need to be moved-up every 6-8 weeks, so if you’re someone who gets color in the salon regularly, this can just be an added service to your regular appointment.

Thinking about getting extensions?

Given many options, methods and stylists offering extensions, we are happy to help you with selecting the right option for your needs, goals and lifestyle. Research and find out what option is best suited for your hair and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Extensions are an incredible investment and you should feel confident in getting them. You can schedule a consultation to have all your questions answered in-person.


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Updated: Nov 10, 2019

It's hard to believe it's already November but here we are again! It's time to start preparing for the holidays and that preparation includes your hair. Here are a few things to get yourself holiday photo ready...


If you haven't cut all the dry damaged hair from the summer off already, it is now time to do so. Allow your stylist to cut off enough length to ensure only the healthy stuff is left.

Applying a deep conditioning mask at home once a week is ideal. If you don't purchase one to take home or just can't find the time to make it happen weekly, book a deep conditioning treatment with your haircut and/or color service. My personal favorite is the B3 Demi Conditioning treatment. This treatment strengthens the hair from the inside out, protects, and adds incredible hydration and softness. Proper hydration will also fight off static fly aways. To maintain the effects of a great treatment be sure to use cooler water when showering as hot water not only fades your color rapidly, but will also zap the moisture right out.

Ask your colorist to refine your haircolor to enhance your new cut and the various ways you will be styling your hair for the upcoming holiday events. The last thing you want is for your hair to look like a solid shape in photos. Your colorist will know how to add dimension that enhances your hair's best attributes.


Most salons offer Holiday gift sets this time of year. You will find that Nov & Dec are the best months of the year to purchase haircare products due to the insane discounts of bundled sets.

Your drugstore shampoos and conditioners are not going to protect your professionally colored hair so now is the perfect time to invest in yourself!

Added bonus is you can cross off a few relatives from your holiday shopping list after purchasing these since anyone would absolutely love the gift of professional grade products.


Have an office holiday party or family photo session coming up? Be sure to prebook your maintenance appointments with these dates in mind. Also, consider booking styling appointments the day of your special holiday events. One less thing to stress about!

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Our industry has transformed over the last decade quite dramatically. The days of working for someone else are not as common, now that stylists understand the concept of marketing through social media. Finding a space to run your thriving business can be the most exciting part of working for yourself. I'm sure as a creative person visions of your salon decor flow through your mind non stop however, decor is a small percentage of what will really keep your business afloat. At Thirteenth and Washington our vision is to have an inspiring space for rental stylist to not only feel independent but also supported.

What's the difference between a salon suite and a traditional salon setting?

Salon suites allow you to decorate your own room and run your own business within a cubicle like atmosphere. Depending on the corporation you're renting from your room may or may not have a window. These suites will be furnished with a shampoo bowl, styling chair, and mirror. You're responsible for all the extras such as seating for your clients while they wait or process, retail shelving, and refreshments. You can expect your suite to be large enough to comfortably accommodate 2 maybe 3 clients at a time. Most suites have common areas for laundry services at an additional charge on top of your rent. I've also noticed many companies taking a percentage of your revenue if the new client in your chair books through the suite website.

Don't be the smartest person in the room...

While working alone may sound enticing to some, I believe your growth as a stylist can take twice as long in solitude. When you're consistently surrounded by like minded people who are creating beautiful work your capability grows twice as fast. The ability to bounce new ideas off of your peers is invaluable. When working alone and you suddenly are ill for weeks at a time who will be there for your desperate clients? Some other random stylist that's going to either make your job harder when you get back or just take that client off your hands completely that's who. If you're working with a kick ass team, you know you can refer your beloved clients to the right stylist within your salon. They will take great care of them and also keep them connected to you as you get better. Success is larger with the right people everyone plays a unique role that allows the salon team to sling shot to new heights.

Give your clients and experience they didn't know they needed.

Sure, your clients are in your chair because they saw your incredible Insta feed. You would think all they need is your chair, sink, you, and great head of hair once they leave. Our clients spend a few hours with us every 4-8 weeks that's why at Thirteenth and Washington we believe it's imperative to provide a space for our clients to relax, network, catch up on emails, and most importantly be a part of the discovery. Anytime we switch up our decor, have fresh baked cookies, or have a "After" photoshoot going on our clients get excited to come back and see what new things they will find next! Having comfortable/inspiring areas around the salon are so important. Some spots should be secluded and calm while other areas should allow social butterflies to interact without disruption of others.

If this sounds like the perfect environment for you and you're located in the St. Louis area we would love to hear from you! We currently have two chairs left available and are looking for two talented souls who want to grow with us. Email Kristen@KristenLinares.com your resume and social handles to set up a meet and greet!

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