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What are beaded row extensions?

What are beaded row extensions?

Many kinds of extensions are available, meaning they fortunately are not a one-size-fits-all choice. However, some options can be safer and more versatile. I specialize in beaded row extensions. They’re known by several names, including hand-tied extensions, but “beaded rows” refers to how the track (what the extension hair is sewn onto) is created while “hand-tied” refers to the extension hair itself. Beaded row extensions simply mean we create a track using silicone lined beads going around your head connecting to small sections of hair. Hand-tied wefts of hair are then sewn onto that track, leaving you with seamless extensions. There are minimal points of contact, so when installed correctly, they lay completely flat and are undetectable.


The at-home maintenance of extensions is pretty simple. You have to keep the wefts tangle free, so brushing them several times a day is ideal. My favorite tool for this is a Wet brush. I recommend washing, blow drying and styling your hair once or twice a week. The extension hair does need to be blow dried to prevent matting. You should sleep in either a loose bun or loose braid to avoid any friction on the hair. Using the right products is key. My recommended system for the extensions is the B3 shampoo, conditioner and spray. It’s designed specifically to prolong the life of your extension hair by cleansing and removing build up, while also supplying the hair with enough moisture to keep the strands looking and feeling great! For styling, I recommend the Perk Up dry shampoo and Silken Up dry conditioner from Amika. All of these products are available at our salon.

What to expect from an extension appointment

Extensions can be considered a luxury service, so be open minded to the time it may take to install them. The length and timing of the appointment can depend on the stylist, the method being used and the amount of hair needed for you as a client. The initial installs can be more tedious and therefore take longer. But a typical move-up takes around two hours without any color service. The extensions need to be moved-up every 6-8 weeks, so if you’re someone who gets color in the salon regularly, this can just be an added service to your regular appointment.

Thinking about getting extensions?

Given many options, methods and stylists offering extensions, we are happy to help you with selecting the right option for your needs, goals and lifestyle. Research and find out what option is best suited for your hair and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Extensions are an incredible investment and you should feel confident in getting them. You can schedule a consultation to have all your questions answered in-person.


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