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It’s finally Spring 2023 and it's time to switch up your look! Most often we go dark for winter and begin the brightening process in the spring. This year many are choosing the opposite. They are continuing the winter trend and maintaining rich tones for spring. If you are one of the many that went darker, or back to your natural hair color, here is a little something, specifically for you. Let us introduce MINU Shampoo. MINU Shampoo is going to be your best friend this spring…and possibly even through this summer.

Here's what you need to know, the MINU line is designed for color treated hair and can be used daily without weighing the hair down. MINU is infused with powerful amino acids that protect your color along with the hair strand structure. Each wash gently cleanses the hair, without stripping or fading your color, adding extra shine and hydration for longevity. In comparison to any other Davines Essential Haircare product, we will suggest this line, or specific shampoo, to clients who have gone darker or back to their natural hair color. MINU is great for color preservation while the other hair care systems are great for other hair needs.

One of the greatest concepts behind the Davines line, is the superb education of who and where the ingredients for your products were pulled from. Specifically, for MINU Shampoo, one of the essential ingredients, Salina Caper Blossom, was grown by Mr. D’Amico’s farm in Leni, Isola di Salina, Italy. Salina Caper Blossom has been growing around the Mediterranean basin from the time immemorial. When harvesting caper buds, they must collect in the early mornings, each day, for the maximum nutrient benefit.

Now, let’s go a little deeper to understand what caper buds are efficient in doing to the hair formation. The benefits are not only used in foods, but medicine as well, including hair reconstruction. Caper blossom is also known as capparis spinosa. The seasonal capers bush has many benefits for the hair structure. Vitamin K helps reproduce hair strands to aid faster hair growth and thickness to contradict the progression of balding. To further the hair benefits, capers are high in fiber and sodium that will strengthen and give nourishment to hair in addition to giving life to dull and damaged strands. Finally, micronutrients (copper and iron) are presently powerful in new hair growth and follicle thickness; likewise, iron is known to transfer oxygen to the hair follicles thus promoting rapid hair growth.

Investing in your hair color does not feel overwhelming when you have all the correct products at your fingertips. Before going to your next color appointment, take a look in your bathroom to see if you have what you need to care for your hair color investment. Do you have an appropriate shampoo? Do you have an appropriate conditioner? Do you have a thermal protectant for the times you use your hot tools? If not, you NEED to get the proper products that will last you until your next appointment. All in all, let the MINU collection be the insurance policy you did not know you needed and enjoy the sunny days to come without any worry of your color fading.

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