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No matter what trend is “in” right now, one product that will be in everyone's shower this summer is Oi Liquid Luster. Created with the purpose of zero tim

e added during your shower routine, Oi Liquid Luster is a weightless gloss that adds intense shine. In fact, it adds 6x’s more shine to your hair in just one wash. Oi Liquid Luster is available in both full size for your shower and a travel size for all your vacation getaways.

As simple as this product is described, it is the same for how it is to be used. First, shampoo your hair twice to purge any unwanted impurities that may be on your scalp. With a towel or just your hands, squeeze excess water from your hair then apply Oi Liquid Luster to your mids and ends until fully saturated. Once applied, rinse your hair and continue with your favorite conditioner or hair mask. What is great about Oi Liquid Luster is that it leaves behind a sensorial experience that makes you feel like you just left the salon. Because Oi Liquid Luster is so lightweight, you can use it during every wash however, it lasts in the hair up to 8 washes!

The background behind Oi Liquid Luster starts at the root of the annatto plant from the Amazonia, roucou oil extract. Here are all the benefits of roucou oil:

  • extremely rich in beta carotene(100 times more than carrots), having a reconstructive benefit for the hair structure

  • provides the hair with compactness and high shine

  • alpha-hydroxy acid to remove dirt, oil and sebum

  • cardoon oil for shine and manageability

  • reduces cellular damage caused by UV rays

  • added protection from aging and skin's elasticity

  • coupled with oligo elements and ellagic acid to active hair growth, add nourishment strength the hair follicle

  • neutralizing free of radicals

  • silky and smooth finish to the hair strand,

  • easy to comb through,

  • free of sulphates and parabens.

  • the carbon dioxide emissions created from the production of Oi Liquid Luster are offset with the Reformation and Woodland Protection Project, respecting both mankind and the environment.

Whatever trend is currently ongoing, you should give Oi Liquid Luster a shot. While supplies last in the salon, we are offering a travel size Oi Liquid Luster FREE with the purchase of two full size products. This allows you to try it, and finding out you love it and wanting more.

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