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This #blogseries is focused on sharing tips on the balayage process; Before, During, and After.  I hope you find this helpful!


Find inspiration:  Pinterest is great to find inspiration photos that you like.  Just remember to find photos that are similar to your natural hair color, length, and ethnicity (we take this into consideration because it does make a difference when we lighten your hair.) Come to your hair appointment with realistic expectations, and if you don't know, just ask.  Stylists are ready to answer any hair questions you may have.

Finding a stylist that suites your style is also important.  You can find many talented artists on Instagram by searching hashtags with your city + hairstylist (#stlouishairstylist) .  Remember, you get what you pay for.  Good hair doesn't come "cheap." Most stylists you find on Instagram invest a lot of time and training into their craft.  It will show in their photos.

Be prepared for your visit: Come in with clean and detangled hair.  Enough said.

Have the right budget: If you're going for a major change, then consider your budget.  Going from brunette to blonde takes multiple appointments.  Be sure you are willing to budget your investments to achieve your hair goal, and what it takes to maintain it with monthly toners and take home products.

Your lifestyle is also something to consider.  Do you wear your hair up a lot?  Do you style it wavy, or smooth?  Do you wash your hair everyday?  Stylists take all these things into consideration when deciding what technique best suits you.  It is recommended that you follow your stylists after care tips to ensure your hair remains healthy and your color lasts.

I hope these tips helps! 

I'll be back with my next post in DURING YOUR BALAYAGE.

See you then! 

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